§1 The scope of the rules of procedure.
  1. This regulation lays down rules for the use by the users of the website and terms by the operator-Handel w Polsce with registered office in Tereszpol Zaorenda 23-407 Długa 150 Street, and the branch in Twarda 18 Street 00-105 Warsaw, for the benefit of the users of the services on
  2. Handel w Polsce with registered office in Tereszpol Zaorenda reserves the right to determine the detailed rules and scope of provision of individual services in separate regulations.
  3. The conditions for the provision of operator services on, in relation to the Sellers of verified may deviate from the set forth herein, if provided for in the cooperation agreement concluded between Handel w Polsce and the seller a verified.
  4. Terms and conditions is provided continuously on the website, in such a way that users of its acquisition, playback and recording its current content by printing or saving on an electronic device.
  5. Through the registration confirmation you with Handel w Polsce contract for an indefinite period for the provision of services on The subject of the contract is the provision of services to the extent and under the conditions contained in the terms or separate terms and conditions of each service and in the generally applicable provisions of law.

§2 Definitions
  1. Terms which were used in this statute are denoting:
    1. Fun-Price (operator)-Handel w Polsce with registered office in ul. Długa 150, 23-407 Tereszpol Zaorenda and the branch in Warsaw(Poland) Twarda 18 Street, Zip Code 00-105, tax identification number NIP 9221631181, REGON: 369459534.
    2. user- subject which the access to services was granted offered through Handel w Polsce and which made the registration in, on principles included in this Statute and has an active account at this disposal in it service.
    3. account- led by the operator for the user, supplied in unique login name account in the service, with which they are being collected given the user and information about his action in frames of the service centre. The account is giving the possibility of taking advantage of supplied services in the service, in particular possibility of making business dealings.
    4. seller -a user of the website, which intends to offer or offers to divest the goods on, regardless of the intended transaction, as well as a user who has already the transfer
    5. the seller verified-seller who is an entrepreneur who intends to make or legal transactions (commercial transactions) on the, within the within of the business operation and has successfully procedure the verification and payment,
    6. the seller is a professional trader, which has the status of a verified seller, and has been awarded by Handel w Polsce, as one of the best sellers in, in view of the large number of positive ratings given by the buyers on the
    7. buyer – a user who engages in activities aimed at the acquisition of the goods on or user who has purchased goods already on the
    8. shop internet - online shop, constituting the organised set of pages internet and tools, letting users on purchasing goods or service by the net.
    9. product-specific thing, a product, service, or right, which are the subject of contracts concluded in the, or the subject of the offer set out in the
    10. offer - is a proposal for the conclusion of the agreement by use and by using the functionality available within the, containing at least an indication of price and description of goods
    11. transacton - agreements concluded in thewithin of the, using the procedures for the conclusion of contracts for goods, which shall specify: these terms and conditions, the terms and conditions of the transaction in the, the rules of individual services, where they are issued by the Handel w Polsce, as well as the rules of verified sellers
    12. registration-established and made available to the account registration procedure for the users of
    13. payment provider –
      1. The company PayPal (Europe) s. à r. l. et Cie, S. C. A. (R. C. S. Luxembourg B 118 349)
      2. Krajowy Integrator Płatności S.A. (KRS: 0000412357), Marcin 73/6 Street, Post Code : 61-808 Poznań, which leads the payment system tpay. com.
      3. other providers of services in the field of monetary intermediation, if they have entered into the contract with Handel w Polsce
    14. statute - the present statute.
    15. transaction terms and conditions-terms and conditions of the transaction on the annexed to this regulation,
    16. list of fees-a list of the fees on the annexed to this regulation,
    17. terms and conditions of the seller - the rules laid down by a specific seller, normalize detailed rules for transactions between the buyers and the seller.

§3 platform
  1. is global commercial on-line platform and on-line service, guided by the operator Sp.z o.o. with registered office in Tereszpol Zaorenda (Poland). The platforms enables organising and making of domestic and international transaction commercial and facilitating using additional services and streamlining transacting. The platform is available in international domain (com), care of
  2. enables users to use the computer mechanism, letting sellers who having on line shop and other not having such a shop, to offer goods for the purchase with using tools made available in
  3. allows users to conclude with the entities referred to in the preceding paragraph, sales contracts and other agreements concerning the offered goods directly from the pages of, without having to go and register on the websites, online stores.
  4. The service enables its users in particular:
    1. making the inspection the product.
    2. set own offers
    3. set comments
    4. making business dealings

§4 Transactions on
  1. Now through the Internet trading platform allows only the transactions involving the sale of things.
  2. The subject of the transaction can only be new things.
  3. The subject of the transaction may not be new and used motor vehicles; they may be the subject of the offer set out and visible for users at
  4. On it is forbidden to offer (including photos) and sell (also referred to as free-free add-in to another of goods) the following products or services:
    1. obtained in an unlawful manner (from theft or smuggling)
    2. containing sexual content,
    3. with content intended to spread hatred, racism, xenophobia, conflicts between Nations or religions,
    4. drugs, psychotropic substances and drugs, as well as other substances which are intended for use as replacement measures psychotropic substances and narcotic drugs, regardless of whether the possession and circulation of such substances and is legally banned (so called. "boosters"),
    5. hazardous chemicals which may threaten the life, health or the environment,
    6. explosives and pyrotechnics (fireworks, candles, smoke, combustible dust),
    7. throwers of gas (pepper spray), regardless of whether their possession or marketing are restricted by law,
    8. firearms, pneumatic weapons as well as ammunition,
    9. melee weapons in the form of blades hidden in objects that do not have the appearance of weapons,
    10. knuckle-duster and nunchaku,
    11. batons used in the armed forces, and armed formations (e. g. Cattail "tonfa", telescopic batons, assault and disabling),
    12. Thanks to weapons as crossbows,
    13. devices designed to incapacitate people using electricity,
    14. fishing tools and fishing equipment, which is limited by law,
    15. tobacco and unmanufactured tobacco,
    16. alcoholic beverages,
    17. medicinal products available with a prescription, and other active substances,
    18. human organs,
    19. animal organs,
    20. live animals,
    21. dead animals of protected species, their parts or products derived,
    22. monuments, antiques and works of art,
    23. materials containing content that violates personal rights of third people,
    24. personal data and address (including e-mail address database),
    25. music, film, software and other goods infringing copyright or other intellectual property rights (including intellectual property),
    26. non-original products (i. e. goods or services marked in a way that can make customers, as to the origin, quantity, quality, ingredients, how to do, maintenance or other relevant characteristics of the goods or services),
    27. products made of precious metals, not satisfying the requirements of the law of 1 April 2011 year test Right,
    28. illegal copies of software, games, or movies (also called. "backup") that violate copyright,
    29. software license NFR (Not For Resale), trial, freeware, shareware or abandonware,
    30. serial keys sold without the attached original software,
    31. suitable software or used for activities that violate the law or good manners, including:
      1. software containing computer viruses or other harmful elements;
      2. software and devices that allow you to retrieve information about a user of your computer without your knowledge;
      3. software and devices to remove locks and passwords from desktops and laptops, cell phones, hard drives and other storage media and car radios, as well as information, instructions and services relating to the removal or setting up such locks;
      4. software to generate email addresses from websites or to send mass messages to users of websites, instant messaging, etc. , who do not give their consent,
    32. instructions and Web addresses (links) and FTP servers, in particular containing information which may allow or facilitate:
      1. creating or acquiring dangerous materials, violates applicable law, and such, possession of which is prohibited;
      2. violation of applicable laws;
    33. accounts in the free Internet services, including:
      1. Instant Messaging accounts;
      2. accounts free email (email addresses);
      3. accesses to the torrent sites;
      4. accounts created in the free online services and calls to take advantage of such services, or in those services accounts;
    34. accounts in partnership programs and loyalty and the related services,
    35. accounts on platforms of digital distribution of games, accounts in online games, the time spent and any user-created items in these games (in particular as a means of payment, items),
    36. e-mailings (i. e. , to handle the mass e-mail),
    37. services and items related to encouraging to send a text message to a paid SMS numbers (the so-called. Premium Sms),
    38. shares, stocks, bonds and other securities, debts, with the exception of the securities in the form of material values alone, at the collector's,
    39. services and items related to the participation in the so-called. pyramid schemes,
    40. other service,
    41. job vacancies,
    42. tickets,
    43. thesis, Bachelor's degree, master's and similar, as well as services related to their creation,
    44. real assets,
    45. vehicles for which they were issued, registration certificates and cards vehicles offered without
    46. automotive service plans,
    47. Gold in the form of bullion, coins or scrap złotniczego and silver in the form of bullion and scrap;
  5. Non-application to the above provisions can be used as a basis to terminate immediately the agreement with the user. Platform administrator has the right to block the user account until the investigation.
  6. The data entered to shall be made available in the language in which were formulated.

§4 Technical conditions of use of the website
  1. Having a computer is a need of using the service or mobile device, with the internet access and the installed browser internet.
  2. In case of making use of services holding the account of electronic mail is necessary functional on the any server. Using the service is possible exclusively through the web browser.
  3. Towards of using the full functionally of some service available in the service, involving the user of the service in the web browser is essential protocol of the safe SSL data transmission, service Script Java, Java Flash as well as cookies.

§5 Needments concerning of users
  1. Natural person having a full ability can be users to of acts in law and legal person and without organizational units of legal personality which can in their own name acquire the right and drag obligations, after making the registration in
  2. Users may also be individuals with limited legal capacity to the extent that they may acquire rights and incur liabilities in accordance with applicable law.

§6 User registration; choosing the form of settlement
  1. Use of the site requires prior registration as a user and login to the site using the data established during the registration process, or using data from external sites, including Google, Facebook,,, Instagram.
  2. Registration in the service follows an earlier acceptance of the rules and an introduction, to the registration from, true, current, complete and correct data. It is not allowed to use by the user in the registration data, including the e-mail addresses of other people.
  3. One e-mail address can be assigned to only one user. One user cannot be assigned to more than one e-mail address.
  4. After completing the registration successfully, a message is sent to specified e-mail address indicating how to confirm your registration and other information required by law. As soon as confirmation comes to the conclusion of the agreement between the registered and, referred to in §1paragraph 1.5
  5. After you confirm your registration, referred to in the preceding article, the user account available on
  6. To post deals and trading on the, in which the user acts as a stall person, allowed only seller vetted by the administrator of the website (hereinafter referred to as vendors verified) and after meet the other conditions specified in the regulations.
  7. Listing of the transaction (and modification), as well as trading on the, in which the user acts as «zbywająca, is associated with incurring the fees payable to the Handel w Polsce
  8. The seller when you register selects one of the forms of settlement with Handel w Polsce – a subscription or a Commission. Indicated on the registration form you can change the billing at any time using the current offer of Handel w Polsce
  9. Make and check approval referred to in the preceding sentence is tantamount to ordering service provided by Handel w Polsce, which provide the possibility of insertion of the specified or unspecified number of deals transactions and make a specific or an unspecified number of transactions as a party to stall, within a specified period of time or indefinitely; Depending on what specific options have been allocated by Handel w Polsce to your selected by the seller forms of payment.
  10. The details of the payment fees for the benefit of Handel w Polsce, including option assigned to the various forms of settlement, formulated in the further part of the rules of procedure, and in the list of charges.
  11. In the case of changes to the data you provide during the registration process the seller is obliged to immediately update it. If the new data provided by the seller not pass successful verification, the administrator reserves the right to block the account of the seller until the dispute.
  12. After successfully passing the validation process, the seller will receive the verified seller.

§7 Access to the features on
  1. Each user accesses the following features on "my data", "shopping", "comments", "observed", "Fun-Price Chat", and "view my page.
  2. Verified seller get additionally access to functions: "sales", "payment", "invoice" and "statistics".

§8 Obligations of users associated with the registration and use of
  1. The user is obliged to keep the data as it appears in your account settings. After registration, you may not remove from user data that is contained in your account settings, and the data is incomplete or incorrect.
  2. Work with incorrect, outdated or not completed data, or data from other people is basis for termination of the contract concluded between the user and Handel w Polsce or suspensions of your account. The operator reserves the right to verify user data at any time.
  3. Each user can have only one account. Establishment of more than one account requires a separate consent by Handel w Polsce
  4. Accounts with duplicate data from basis for their removal by Handel w Polsce
  5. It is prohibited to use other people’s accounts and share accounts to third persons.
  6. Denies access to the site and its content an automated manner, unless the user has received the written consent of the Handel w Polsce
  7. In particular shall be prohibited from using:
    1. bots
    2. crawles
    3. other automated tools for the use of the site without user interference.

§9 Obligations of users associated with the editor content service
  1. Content should be written in a clear and understandable manner. Statement by the user may not violate applicable law, including the rights of any third person, in particular may not be defamatory, infringe the personal rights on constitute an act of unfair competition.
  2. The user has the obligation to notify the operator of any information about the place in the products, goods or services illegal, non-compliant with the rules or unwanted.
  3. By placing their own deals, the user is obliged to make a statement, that any content, including photos, posted by him on do not violate applicable law or the right of third person (including in the particular, the copyright and other intellectual property rights). You agree that you will not post any content that exposure to public view may be considered to violate decency.

§10 Restrictions on the content on the statements posted by users
  1. Posted by you may not contain:
    1. profanity, obscene, pornographic, or incident to spread hatred, racism, xenophobia and conflict between peoples.
    2. web addresses, links to other website, online stores and links to price comparison carried out by other than Handel w Polsce
    3. content that violates applicable law.
    4. advertising content, the other content of a commercial nature with the exception of official videos and photos published by the producers.
    5. the data of other users, or other individuals, in particular: the name, surname, place of residence, phone number or e-mail address, expect in cases, when available on tools for posting or grant of expression of (e.g. Web Forms) allow an indication of users data or other individuals.
    6. contents undermining the good name, reputation of other users.
    7. content that the result of agreement with other users or contractors to the interaction on the credibility of its own and other entities, including contractors.
    8. contents of false.
  2. By placing content of, such as, particular, photos, reviews, comments or other expression, you consent to free use of this content and published, copy and modify by Handel w Polsce for the purposes of the provision of services on the site, for marketing and promotional purposes as well as for the lock release or remove content from the site in the event of a breach of the terms of service, or when the content of the repeat.

§11 The ability to delete and modify the content of expression by the operator
  1. On the principles arising from applicable law Handel w Polsce is empowered to remove the statement, in whole or in part.
  2. Handel w Polsce reserves the right to remove the statement, in whole or in part, or its editorial changes and editing, to the extent necessary, when the statement:
    1. provides another opinion relating to the same transaction (for the same order number),
    2. refers to a different vendor than the present,
    3. refers to the other transaction than the transaction to evaluate.
    4. issued with a temporary email address,
    5. was exposed in a way that automate the issuing or using the solutions to avoid the network traffic analysis,
    6. refers to a faulty order number or other than present goods,
    7. in breach of the applicable law, decency or interferes with religious feelings,
    8. violate patent rights, copyrights, business secrets or other intellectual property rights,
    9. is only a summary of the movie, book or album, etc,
    10. is copied in whole or in part from other users, the manufacturer’s proposals discussed item, an online store or from other available sources;

§12 Fees for use of the site
  1. Users shall bear the fees paid to Handel w Polsce, for use of the site, in the cases and under the conditions indicated in the regulations, the rules of each service or the list of charges.
  2. Fees for Handel w Polsce in particular subscription and rake.
  3. The seller, who is not paid for subscription, is obliged to pay any fee on transactions on the terms and in the amount set out in the list of charges.
  4. The vendor verified, can issue an unlimited number of products to sell, and each of them can include an unlimited number of pieces. To each sold product you can assign a description and eight photos.
  5. Due to the commission, in the part that was not downloaded automatically by the payment provider, pay is from the end of each accounting period to the bank account indicated by the Handel w Polsce, using the indicated by Handel w Polsce Forms payment.
  6. Billing period is one calendar month.
  7. Subscription fee must be paid in advance for a period of 12 months.
  8. Commission fee, if it is not downloaded automatically upon conclusion of the transaction between buyer and seller on, is paid within 7 days from the moment you generate by Handel w Polsce invoice.
  9. The height of the subscription, commissions and detailed rules of payment are specified in the schedule of fees.
  10. The seller declares that VAT is a taxable person and is entitled to receive a VAT invoice, it empowers the Handel w Polsce to issue a VAT invoice to him without his signature.

§13 The parties and the terms of the trans action
  1. Handel w Polsce is not a seller, or a party to the transactions carried out by the users in the, but only informs on the Internet about products and enables the conclusion between users of commercial transaction, in particular contracts for a sale.
  2. The transaction between users take place provide that laid down in the rules of the transaction in the, which is annexed to this regulation, the terms and conditionals of the seller, and by the generally applicable rules of law.
  3. Terms and conditions of the seller applicable in matters not regulated by these terms and conditions and the terms and conditions of the transaction on
  4. Retailers in particular are required to comply with the obligations under the Act of May 30, 2014, on the rights of the consumer.
  5. The seller prior to making any transaction should make available to the public and pass Handel w Polsce in order to make the platform, terms and conditions of the seller the verified.
  6. Terms and conditions of the seller the verified should specify the specific terms of the transaction between the seller and the buyer.
  7. Terms and conditions of the seller the verified should contain such content to through his share to the consumer prior to the conclusion of the transaction, it was possible to fill out the information obligations towards the consumer, that are required by the common applicable law when concluding business contracts with consumers outside the headquarters of the company.
  8. Handel w Polsce does not assume any responsibility for the negative effects resulting from the lack of possession by the seller of the rules of procedure of the seller the verified or insufficient or inappropriate content of these terms and conditions.
  9. The seller shall authorise Handel w Polsce to transmit on their behalf information buyer transaction confirmation information to consumers.
  10. In the case of the unavailability of goods or other obstructions on the side of the seller, it will be individually contacted the buyer.
  11. In the event of a discrepancy between the description of the goods set out by both Handel w Polsce on the site, including on pages relating to a specific item, as well as by the online store on its website, binding to the user and the seller's item description from the online store.

§14 Exclusion of liability
  1. Handel w Polsce is not responsible for the delivery of goods and conduct transaction, with the exception of the activities carried out by Handel w Polsce on
  2. Handel w Polsce In particular is not responding:
    1. for the delivery of the goods in connection with the order placed by the user in the online shop or the seller,
    2. warranties, guarantees and consumer rights relating to the goods and the sale,
    3. for non-performance or improper performance of the obligation by the seller.
    4. for the quality, safety, legality of goods, as well as the authenticity and accuracy of their descriptions by users.

§15 Copyright
  1. The copyrights to the elements of the site, including logos and content posted on the site , as well as to the layout and composition these elements (layout), and industrial property rights, including rights on trademarks placed in the, Handel w Polsce, or to third people.
  2. You are not permitted to copy, distribute, reproduce or modify any of the content, including data on

§16 Privacy protection
  1. The administrator of personal data within the meaning of the Act of 29 August 1997 on the protection of personal data, with regard to the personal data of users is Handel w Polsce
  2. Your personal data are processed in accordance with the law, including in accordance with the provisions of the Act of 29 August 1997 on the protection of personal data and the Act of 18 July 2002 on the provision of services by electronic means. Providing personal data is provided by the user voluntarily.
  3. Your personal data are processed for the purposes for which consent of the user. These objectives can be – performance of the contract between the user of Handel w Polsce; marketing.
  4. Administration of personal data by the users is voluntary.
  5. Personal data of users are granted Handel w Polsce by the users themselves or, with the consent of the user, by external Web sites such as Facebook and Google.
  6. The lack of expression when registering consent to the processing of personal data, for the purpose of implementing the agreement with Handel w Polsce, or subsequent withdrawal of such consent may result in the refusal of the provision of services by Handel w Polsce
  7. Handel w Polsce provides users, the implementation of the rights under the personal data protection act, including the right to access your personal data and correct them, and the right to control the processing of your personal data, on the as described in the present Act.
  8. Within of the implementation of the right to control the processing of your personal data, users have in particular the right to bring-in the cases referred to in the personal data protection act-a written, reasoned requests to cease the processing of personal data for their particular situation.
  9. Your personal data may be transferred to authorized to receive these data under the applicable law, including the competent judicial authorities. Your personal data may also be communicated to the extent and for the time necessary to provide or deliver services provided by Handel w Polsce, as well as in connection with these services to third parties, including the executing entities on behalf of Handel w Polsce activities associated with the provision of services by Handel w Polsce and retailers.
  10. In particular, personal data:
    1. users who are not buyers can be submitted by Handel w Polsce, in order to enable professional sellers to offer the users of goods for purchase on
    2. buyers can be submitted by Handel w Polsce retailers, in order to enable them to support the process of those buyers to purchase goods through retailers.
    3. data buyers such as: first name, last name, address, e-mail address, telephone number, are submitted by Handel w Polsce, operator of the payment, in order to fulfill payment services and for the purposes of the payment provider the obligations laid down in the applicable provisions of law and related to the provision by the payment provider of payment services. In the field of personal data personal data mentioned above is also the operator of the payment.
  11. Handel w Polsce uses the IP addresses of the computers of users collected during Internet connections with, for technical purposes, related to the administration of servers. In addition, IP addresses are used to collect general, statistical demographic information (e. g. about the region from which the connection is made).

  12. Handel w Polsce advises that while browsing the Web are used by Handel w Polsce "cookies," or small text information stored on your computer that allow you to customize services and content to individual needs and preferences of users, as well as to develop general statistics regarding the use by the users of Obtained by Handel w Polsce information cookies are completely anonymous and in no case are associated with concrete and identified user. The user at any time has the option to block the generation of cookies by selecting the appropriate option in your browser. Handel w Polsce tells you that if you disable your Web browser option to save "cookies", the use of can be difficult, including slower than usual.

§17 Technical break on
  1. Handel w Polsce makes every effort to ensure the smooth and uninterrupted operation of the In the event of failures and technical errors caused by problems with your hardware or software, Handel w Polsce will take action to limit as much as possible the negative effects of the existing technical problems in relation to the users. Information about technical breaks, failures, and errors are placed in the "news" section, which can be accessed from the home page,
  2. The necessary breaks will be planned by Handel w Polsce, as far as possible during the night, in order to minimize the impact to users.
  3. For technical failure is considered a situation in which the vast majority of users has lost the ability to use the basic functionality of the related to the comparison of prices and the ability to make a transaction.
  4. For the technical error is deemed to be any technical problem associated with the operation of the other than indicated in the recipe specified before.
  5. In the event of technical failure or technical error while using make the user transaction on, which will, in particular, do not complete the transaction, Handel w Polsce will contact you individually with the buyer.
  6. Handel w Polsce is not responsible for damages or loss of profits that may arise as a result of the inability to use,, due to technical, technical error and technical failure.

§18 Complaint procedure
  1. You may report complaints concerning the services provided by
  2. Complaints may be submitted in writing, in the form of a registered letter, to the following address: Handel w Polsce, ul. Długa 150, 23-407 Tereszpol Zaorenda, or by sending a message to the following e-mail address:
  3. Reporting complaints should include the designation of the person filing the complaint (first name, last name, address, email address) and a description of the event that is the cause of the complaint. If passed in the complaint or information require a supplement, before considering a complaint Handel w Polsce asks the user for supplementing in that extent.
  4. Claims will be processed within 14 days from the date of receipt by the Handel w Polsce correctly lodged complaint (that contains the required elements and does not require complement).
  5. You will receive information about how to complaint by e-mail, to the e-mail address provided in the complaint.
  6. Handel w Polsce reserves that complaints regarding the quality or defects in goods purchased from sellers, or improper performance or non-performance of the contract of sale, in the process of delivery of the goods, should be addressed directly to the retailer from which the product It came from.

§19 Termination of the agreement
  1. The provision of services by Handel w Polsce in your account on the site is of unlimited duration, however, the user shall have the right to terminate the contract (termination of your account) at any time. You can express the will terminate the contract in any form permitted by generally applicable provisions of law, including through the use of the appropriate form, which is stated on the site,
  2. Execution permission the user referred to in paragraph 1. 1, termination does not affect the due Handel w Polsce, or already downloaded fees, and in particular does not entitle to reimbursement of at least part of the fee for the provision for the unused period.
  3. Execution permission the user referred to in paragraph 1. 1, termination of the agreement shall not affect the validity of the agreements concluded previously by the user through the service (platform)
  4. Declaration of termination you may submit in writing by sending them to the following address Handel w Polsce, ul. Długa 150, 23-407 Tereszpol Zaorenda or using the form on
  5. Subject to the other provisions of the regulations, the agreement may be terminated by Handel w Polsce in immediate mode when:
    1. you are in breach of the provisions of the terms, or accepted by the user separate regulations services,
    2. It was found by the user of the data or statements false, outdated, incorrect or incomplete or the data of other people,
    3. Act or omission of the user negatively affect the good name of Handel w Polsce, or otherwise significantly damage the Handel w Polsce
  6. Other than the aforementioned situations, Handel w Polsce is entitled to terminate the contract with the behavior of the 14-day period of notice.
  7. Handel w Polsce reserves the right to delete the user account without stating reasons.
  8. In case of reasonable suspicion the violations referred to in paragraph 1. 5 of this section and, in particular, suspected action to the detriment of consumers, Handel w Polsce has the right to block the user account until the investigation.
  9. If the termination of the agreement by Handel w Polsce from causes attributable to the user, termination does not affect the due Handel w Polsce, or already downloaded fees, and in particular does not entitle to reimbursement even if part of the fees for the provision of the per unused period.
  10. Termination of the agreement by Handel w Polsce does not affect the validity of contracts entered into by the user via the service (platform)
  11. You the consumer have the right to withdraw without giving any reason from the contract concluded with the Handel w Polsce within 14 days from the date of conclusion of the contract. A waiver may be made in any form, including by sending by mail a completed withdrawal form, which together with the appropriate instruction are attached to these terms and conditions.
  12. In the case of an expression by a user who is a consumer prefer to Handel w Polsce immediately performed a benefit arising from the contract, the user who is a consumer loses the right to withdraw from the contract, referred to in the preceding paragraph.
  13. The letter of the law to withdraw from the contract with the form are directed only to consumers.

§20 Final provisions
  1. In the event of a change in these terms and conditions or rules of each service, Handel w Polsce will inform the users on the pages of and using the access data from external services – also by means of correspondence sent to e-mail addresses of users.
  2. Changes to these terms and conditions, as well as service-specific regulations, shall enter into force on the date specified by Handel w Polsce, not less than 7 days from the date of notice of the changes to and submit the relevant notification of changes to the users.
  3. If you do not accept the new terms and conditions, the user is entitled to terminate the contract on the general principles set out in the terms,conditions.
  4. In the absence of termination by the user agreement, referred to in the preceding paragraph, the acceptance that the user has consented to the further duration of the agreement to the changed terms.
  5. The buyer, who made the transaction in the, before the entry into force of amendments to this regulation or the rules of each service, carry out the transactions on the basis of existing.
  6. In the event of differences between the rules issued by Handel w Polsce in Polish language and another language version of the regulations, binding on the parties is the body of regulations formulated in the Polish language.
  7. Paragraphs 1-6 of this section shall apply mutatis mutandis to the list of charges.
  8. Changes of these terms, the rules of individual services or the terms of the transaction and the list of fees charged to consumers additional charges for Handel w Polsce, require the explicit consent of the consumer. The lack of consent by the consumer within 14 days from the notification of changes via email can be an indication to terminate the contract by Handel w Polsce with immediate effect.

§21 Governing law
  1. In all matters not regulated herein the provisions of the Polish law, and in particular the provisions of the civil code, the personal data protection act and the Act on the provision of services by electronic means.
  2. Selection of Polish law as the applicable law referred to in the preceding paragraph, shall be without prejudice to the rights of consumers arising from the mandatory rules in the country of residence of the consumer.
  3. The provisions of the separate regulations governing the principles and scope of provision of particular services constitute specific regulations in relation to the regulation contained in the rules, unless stipulated otherwise.
  4. In the event of any conflict between these terms and the provisions of the separate regulations, the provisions of these individual regulations, unless stipulated otherwise.

§22 Settlement of disputes
  1. Any dispute between the parties to the agreement shall be settled by the competent court of law.
  2. If you are a consumers have the opportunity to take advantage of extrajudicial way of dealing with complaints and redress before the Permanent Arbitration Court of the consumer by the provincial trade inspection Inspector in Lublin.
  3. For information about how to access to that effect. and procedures for the settlement of disputes, are located at the following address: www. uokik. gov. pl, under "settlement of consumer disputes". If you are a consumers also have the ability to take advantage of the EU's Internet platform ODR, available at: http://ec. europa. eu/consumers/odr/, by entering our email address:

§23 Taking effect
  1. 1. This Statute shall enter into force on 14 November 2017.

  1. Terms and conditions of the transaction on
  2. List of fees
  3. The letter of caution from the agreement with the form